Arthropods are the largest animal group in the world!

Arthropods are invertebrate (without backbone) animals with an exoskeleton, segmented bodies and six or more jointed legs. They are the largest animal group in the world!

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Arthropods are mainly grouped into:

  • InSects

  • Crustaceans

  • Arachnids

They have distinct characteristics that makes it easy to for us to identify them.


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All Insects have :

  • 6 legs

  • 3 body parts

  • a pair of feelers.

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Not all insects can fly. Insects either have 0, 1 or 2 pair of wings.


Insects are the only arthropods that can fly. Species from other groups of arthropods cannot fly e.g. crabs, spiders

For example dragonflies can fly at speeds of over 60km per hour