“I really liked the hands-on approach at Science Studios. It was definitely fun! It also helped me remember science concepts and apply them better than rote learning. I was running a high fever during the actual paper, and I thought it would be difficult to recall the facts. However, I found that I could answer the questions based on what I had experienced. Thanks to Science Studios for equipping me with the knowledge and experiences to draw upon!”

Ethan Lim - Nanyang Primary School (NYPS) GEP

“Science Studios is an amazing science tuition centre where Mr Chong, my science teacher, finds creative and innovative ways to capture the students’ attention. Whenever I had any doubt or question, Mr Chong would never hesitate to answer them and made sure all my doubts were clarified. I enjoyed every lesson as it was always very hands on with interesting experiments and the experiments helped me understand the different concepts with ease. Coming to Science Studios allowed me to excel in my science! Thank you Science Studios!”

Chloe Liang - Raffles Girls' Primary School (RGPS)

“I have attended Science Studios since Primary 5. My grades then fluctuated between 70 and 85. I am glad to clinch an A* for Science and I have to give all the credit to Mr. Chong and his teaching team. As a teacher, Mr. Chong delivered his lessons with precision and made complex science concepts easier to understand. The hands-on experiments were not only fun, they also served to help me internalize important concepts. Science Studios also provided a set of comprehensive notes to aid our revision and the keywords highlighted in these notes improved my answering techniques tremendously.

Science is not a subject that you can improve overnight and I am glad I did not start my journey with Science Studios only in P6. Science Studios is undeniably one of the best out there and Mr. Chong is the MVP who has helped during my PSLE journey. Thank you Mr. Chong!”

Kierei Fu - Raffles Girls' Primary School (RGPS)

“Science had been my weakest subject and I’ve been with Science Studios since P4. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could get A* for my PSLE Science. Thank you for your dedication and making Science fun to learn!”

Charlotte Tang - Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS)

"During my time spent with Science Studios, I learnt to think more critically about science and grew to love science more and more with the fun activities and lighthearted lessons. Mr Chong and Teacher Calla are really helpful and my results improved greatly after joining Science Studios. I loved my lessons at Science Studios, and was eager to go to every class."

Julian Tang - Henry Park Primary School (HPPS) GEP

"I would like to thank Science Studios for helping me to achieve my desired grade for PSLE. Mr. Chong never fails to make learning enjoyable through hands-on experiments and online platforms. The teachers are always willing to stay back to answer my queries. The materials given were extremely effective in my revision as they gave a summary of what I had learnt. I was also taught answering techniques for challenging questions. Whatever learnt was further reinforced at home through online quizzes. Science Studios has certainly made learning Science fun and engaging. Thank you for teaching me and guiding me these past 2 years. You have definitely played a major role in helping me to achieve A* for PSLE Science."

Alina Ng - Henry Park Primary School (HPPS)

"I joined Science Studio in April of my PSLE year because I wanted to get better grades. Being in P6 was stressful but thanks to the teachers in Science Studios, I managed to score an A* in Science for PSLE. Thanks to Mr Chong for making the lessons interesting and enjoyable!"

Jaden Lim - Anglo-Chinese School Primary (ACSP)

"Mr Chong has helped me improve tremendously in Science. I was an A* scorer in mainstream, but the moment I joined the GEP programme, my average A* score in science dropped to an average 70+ score in P4.  After I started lessons with Mr Chong, he helped me to understand the concepts better and regain confidence again.  Thank you for helping me achieve my A* back, Mr Chong!"

Joel Teo - Anglo-Chinese School Primary (ACSP) GEP

"I joined Science Studios since I was Primary 2 and I must say that my Science has improved tremendously since then. Science Studios made me enjoy learning Science. Mr Chong, the Science teacher there made lessons engaging and fun with many hands-on experiments, I would not have gotten my A* without the help I received here. I don't think that it is an overstatement to say Science Studios is one of the best out there." 

Timothy Foo - Nanyang Primary School (NYPS) GEP


"Science Studios contributed heavily to my A* in the PSLE. The learning environment here is unique and stands out from other tuition centres, giving students hands-on activities, engaging them to learn. Undoubtedly, my passion for Science has grown ever since I joined. The notes given are easy to comprehend and are effective when it comes to revision, complementing what is already taught in school." 

Shachah Chua - Nan Hua Primary School (NHPS) GEP


“Science Studios conducts experiments relevant to daily life. Some of them helped me to remember the concepts during PSLE. The teachers are very knowledgeable and are more than willing to impart their knowledge to us.”

Josh Lee - Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS)

“I have joined Science Studios for only 4 month before my PSLE examination and I have achieved an A* in the 2018 science PSLE. Thank you for making my dream come true!”

Nicholas Tan - Kheng Cheng School

“I enjoyed the lessons very much, especially the experiments. I made friends there and had a very good time. All the teachers are pleasant and friendly to us. My Science has definitely improved since i joined Science Studios!”

Amelie Ang - Nan Hua Primary School (NHPS)

"After joining Science Studios, I realised that learning Science can definitely be fun and enriching. By utilising the power of technology, Mr Chong turns a simple Science lesson into a unique, fulfilling experience. His responsible teaching attitude and sunny personality makes him likeable among the students. During the lessons, we got to participate in various online quizzes, games and perform experiments too.  Furthermore, Mr Chong’s comprehensive notes were easy to understand and allowed me to delve deeper into the science topics.  The additional information in the notes enabled me to score in higher order thinking questions in the school’s exams and an A* in 2017 PSLE Science paper." 

Nathan Loy - Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS)

"Thank you for giving me Science tuition for 1.5 years. I enjoyed each lesson and always looked forward to the next one. Even during exam preparation, you will make the lesson fun with space races and experiments. Your notes were clear and concise. Thank you for letting me achieve A* in Science for PSLE. I will miss your enriching lessons." 

Hannah Cheah - Methodist Girls' School (MGS Primary)

"Mr Chong’s classes are very interesting, hands-on and engaging. Thus, I am never bored during his classes. The fun experiments conducted during class also greatly help in my understanding of the concepts. The notes and online quizzes provided are very thorough yet easy-to-understand, making revision for tests or exams a breeze. On top of that, if I have any doubts or questions that I am unsure of, I am able to comfortably approach him to ask for help or to clear up any queries. Also, the intensive PSLE holiday course is especially useful for a last-minute guided recap of the topics and concepts that were taught. Science Studios has greatly helped me in the subject." 

Caitlin Cheah - Raffles Girls' Primary School (RGPS)

"Being in class was a very fun experience. I learnt new things every week. Mr Chong makes sure that everyone understands what he is teaching. His classes are very different from other tuition centres. He definitely uses a very fun and engaging way to teach so that his lessons will not be boring." 

Cara Chia - Raffles Girls' Primary School (RGPS)


"Before I joined Science Studios, I was struggling to achieve a high A in Science. Mr Chong is very friendly and his notes are very handy and useful. He also conducts practical skills and yet fun experiments which I enjoyed very much. I also learnt to use helpful techniques in my answers. Mr Chong's awesome teaching allowed me to achieve an A* in the 2016 Science PSLE! Thank you Mr Chong for your great teaching!" 

Au Yeung Chi Hung Jonathan - Anglo-Chinese School Junior (ACSJ)

"My experience at Science Studios had been very enjoyable and is something that I would undoubtedly remember. There are many reasons as to why Mr Chong's weekly lessons were highly anticipated by all. Firstly, he teaches in an interesting way and keeps the class engaged in the lesson. For example, he would sometimes give us thought provoking questions which challenge us to think deeper and solve it by identifying the relevant concepts involved. This helps us to familiarise ourselves with different types of questions.

In addition, Mr Chong allows the class to take part in hands on activities so that we can experience applying the respective science concepts in real life. I feel that the application of scientific concepts is very important and useful, therefore the experiments that we conducted have played an important role in equipping us with the necessary scientific knowledge needed in our daily life.

Mr Chong provides useful and informative notes which include graphs and detailed descriptions. I felt that those were extremely helpful for self-revision. He is an easy going and caring teacher who looks out for his pupils. During his time with the class, he helped us overcome many obstacles and continuously encouraged us. Under his guidance, I developed a greater interest in science which helped me to understand and better appreciate the subject. As a result, my results improved dramatically and thus I am very thankful towards Mr Chong for his mentorship.

Science Studios has an environment that is well suited for learning and I would definitely recommend this tuition centre to other students."

Rebecca Wong - Methodist Girls' School (MGS Primary)


"I love Science Studios as they conduct many interesting experiments that makes me more interested in Science and develop the passion for it. I was looking forward to Science Studios every week as Mr Chong conducts his lessons using videos and quizzes. It was a totally awesome learning experience! I also appreciate Teacher Calla who helps the class to set up our experiments and also manages our files. Thank you Mr Chong and Teacher Calla!"

Xavier Loh - Jurong Primary School

"I enjoyed my time in Science Studios. The experiments allowed me to understand the topics and concepts easily. After every lesson, I would learn from the mistakes made during the quizzes. I was glad that many of the open-ended questions in the exam were the ones that I have done before in Science Studios." 

Amelia Lem - Woodlands Primary School


"I joined Science Studios at the start of Term 3. Back then Science was my weakest subject, averaging at a low 'B'. I felt that it was too late to ace PSLE Science but I gave Science Studios a try anyway. At Science Studios, Mr Chong conducts his lessons very well and I could always clear up my misconceptions with him in class. The online platform which students can access was really helpful too! The experiments conducted in class and notes provided has been a really great source of help for my revision before PSLE. Thanks to the help of Science Studios, I scored an 'A' for PSLE Science!" 

Nathania How - Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School (PHPPS)


"You have been a very patient and kind teacher. Thank you for believing in me and giving me the support to clinch my A* in Science for PSLE." 

Rayna Lim - South View Primary

“Science Studios' hands-on approach is fun and interesting, yet retains an edge for efficient and strategic learning. This was crucial because my child previously saw no breakthroughs and had little motivation even with all the help from school.

With only 2 months of engagement, my child managed to push through PSLE as the most improved (2 bands) student in her cohort, scoring an A* for Science. She looked forward to every session and was clearly more motivated.

Science Studios successfully tapped upon her intrinsic motivation with their curriculum and delivery. We are grateful to have come across your service at such a time!”

Parent of Anna Poh - Ngee Ann Primary School


"Please convey our many thanks to Mr Chong for his engaging lessons which Petrina definitely benefited from and most importantly, enjoyed. Petrina also wishes to express her thanks to Mr Chong for all the lively lessons." 

Parent of Petrina Wong - Home-school


"We would like to thank Mr Chong for teaching Helena for her science. She has learned a lot from the lessons from the Science Studios. She has got A* for her PSLE science. Please send our appreciation to Mr Chong for his guidance for her science learning journey!" 

Parent of Helena Tan - Lian Hua Primary School


"We appreciate Science Studios as she enjoyed the lessons a lot and her Science improved very much after taking the lessons." 

Parent of Chisaki Arima - Marymount Convent Primary

"During lessons, Mr Chong would often use experiments to explain certain scientific concepts to us, such as evaporation. From doing these experiments, I was able to better grasp the concepts and thus apply it to my written assignments. He also showed us several educational science videos from BrainPop which gave an in-depth explanation and was often paired with worksheets so that we could reinforce what we learned from the videos. Lastly, we often brought questions from our school worksheets to class and he will helpfully pointed out our mistakes and explained the correct answer so that we would be able to learn from our mistakes and avoid them again. I am grateful for his help in my Science."

Tham Jia Yi - Anglo-Chinese School Primary (ACS Pri)


"Before I started lessons with Mr Chong, I was someone who was not meticulous enough. As a result, I always missed my A* by a few marks. After joining the P6 Science Head Start programme, I fell in love with the lessons. The lessons were interesting as we could do various experiments to understand concepts better. Mr Chong is a very patient teacher who would help us clear misconceptions and explained to us slowly the keywords required for answering the Science questions." 

Grace Koh - Nanyang Primary School (NYPS)


“I have achieved an A* for PSLE Science. I have never actually achieved an A before and after going for Mr Chong's lessons, I achieved my goal of getting an A* for PSLE. The concepts taught really helped me.” 

Joshua M.D. Lee - Anglo-Chinese School Primary (ACSP)


“I have enjoyed lessons at the learning centre and having Mr Chong as my teacher. He makes lessons really fun and absorbing and I always look forward to attending the classes. I find the tuition lessons really beneficial and I never fail to learn something new. Thank you Mr Chong for making science my favourite subject and hence I got an A* for PSLE! ”

Jana Kua - Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS)


"I thank Mr Chong for teaching me, helping me to improve in my Science, step by step.  I really enjoyed the lessons as they educate me and are fun.  I like the experiments and the hands on activities that we do, instead of the teacher just teaching verbally, which is useful in learning."

David Wong - Nanyang Primary School (NYPS)


"I have been taking science lessons with Mr Chong for 4 years and I have enjoyed every single lesson thoroughly.  He not only teach us the theoretical part of science but we get to conduct experiments and have extremely hands-on approach in the world of science. Every lesson is extremely interesting and I look forward to each lesson eagerly.  Mr Chong has been a very caring and supportive teacher, who take great interest in our well-being and often check on our progress.  Science is now my favourite subject - all thanks to Mr Chong.  Without his relentless effort and support, I would not be able to get A* for science. Thanks, Mr Chong!"

Jann Soh - Fairfield Methodist Primary School (FMPS)


"I enjoyed my time at the PSLE revision 3-day programme. I learnt a great deal and had a really good time. Not only does the teacher clarify all the topics covered in 4 years of science education, the resources provided was very comprehensive. It is also a great chance to meet many different people, I made wonderful friends during the course. I recommend it because the worksheets and mind maps are very clear and the lessons are very interesting. I learnt a lot and it gave me much more confidence for PSLE. Thank you Mr Chong!"

Ying Sumei - Henry Park Primary School (HPPS)


" I was taught by Mr Chong from primary 3 to primary 6. He conducted his lessons with interesting experiments. He also focused on the key words which were important when answering questions. When I had difficulties with my school homework or past year papers, he would always help me after his class. I would like to thank Mr Chong for coaching me these 4 years and I managed to score an A* "

Clarice Tan - Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS)


"I joined the Science tuition classes when I was struggling somewhat with Science, and have never regretted the decision. I got better steadily over time, and this year I got an ‘A’ for PSLE because Mr Chong helped me improve with useful ways of understanding concepts related to each topic every lesson. Those mind maps, worksheets, quizzes and the Space Races all helped me remember and apply important Science facts and key words effectively, not just for my studies but in real life as well. Thank you Mr Chong!" 

Gwen Lee - Henry Park Primary School (HPPS)


"I was enrolled into the Science tuition classes when I was in P5. Mr Chong was friendly and his class was fun and had lots of engaging experiments.  Over a short span of 1.5 years, I have learnt much from the classes and made new friends. Thank you for helping me progress much, achieving A for my Science!"

David Ngien - Anglo-Chinese School Junior (ACSJ)


"I found the Science tuition lessons very interesting and enjoyable. The worksheets were useful and helped me a lot when I revised them. Mr Chong was also very patient when he explained some questions to me after class. Thank you Mr Chong for being such a great teacher and I really appreciate it!"

Caitlin Yap - Singapore Chinese Girls School (SCGS)


"Mr Chong, thank you so much for all your help. Before I came to your classes, I used to get Bs for Science. When I joined in P6, I learnt much more through your interesting lessons, great answering tips and excellent notes. And, I got an A for science for PSLE! Once again, thank you so much!"

Jonathan Tay - Anglo-Chinese School Junior (ACSJ)


"Mr Chong is such a patient and wonderful teacher. I am very grateful to him for always being there to help me whenever I have questions. Thank you so much, Mr Chong!"

Jerome Ang-Heng - Nanyang Primary School (NYPS)


"I’d like to thank my teacher for all the hard work he has put into teaching me. He was a patient teacher and used interesting examples to explain difficult science concepts. The experience was fun and useful!"

Ryan Tan Jinn - Ngee Ann Primary School


"Although I only attended the 10-week intensive revision leading up to the PSLE, I found the lessons very useful. It was very helpful in summarizing key concepts and identifying keywords in my answers. The teacher was very clear and did not hesitate to help us clarify any questions or misconceptions we had. All in all, my experience learning under Mr Chong has been very fruitful! Thank you!"

Lorraine Ong - St Hilda Primary School


"I really enjoy the science classes. The lessons here are fun and effective. I very often have to do interesting hands-on experiments which allow me to better understand the science concepts which are being taught in that lesson. Other than the experiments which help me in the understanding of the science concepts, Mr Chong also provides notes which helps me to remember the important key words for science OE questions and worksheets which contain challenging questions that often appear in exams, allowing me to understand how to craft the correct answer for that particular question. He also patiently explains areas which students are unclear of, allowing us to fully understand them. He often encourages us to approach him when we are unsure of the answers to questions that we come across from school exam papers. With the help of Mr Chong, I managed to achieve my target in the PSLE for Science. I have indeed benefited from the class. Thank you!"

Sean Khong - Anglo-Chinese School Junior (ACS Junior)


"My teacher was a great help in my years here. His notes, especially application questions and answering techniques were an excellent help for my Science. I used to do poorly in Science, however I managed to do well in PSLE with the help of Mr Chong. To all juniors, all the best!"

Neo Xiu Yang - Anglo-Chinese School Primary (ACSP) GEP


"The science classes gave me the regular practice for exams I needed to prepare for PSLE. Our tutor made lessons fun. Difficult concepts became simple. By learning to answer with keywords, I made great improvement and received an A* for Science. I am glad I went for class with Mr Chong."

Andrea Lim - Raffles Girls Primary School (RGPS)


"Mr Chong helped me learn Science better. He inculcates in us a deeper interest towards science. The lessons are fun and informative, taught through a mixture of experiments and worksheets, suiting those who like both visual and practical methods. I came to Mr Chong to improve my science and it has definitely helped me. I scored A* in Science in PSLE and made it to my dream school."

Margan Sreshta Varcesvi - Henry Park Primary School (HPPS)


"I have my science teacher, to thank for my A* in science. He motivated me and sparked my keen interest in science. His lessons are always interesting and inspiring. Without his support, I would not have achieved such stellar results! Thank you!"

Zack Soh - Henry Park Primary School (HPPS)

"I enjoyed tuition classes with Mr Chong because he explains concepts well and uses interesting teaching materials."

 Marcus Choo - Henry Park Primary School (HPPS)