Watch the video to learn more about the different properties of materials.


Key concepts of Materials:


  • a strong material does not break easily

  • plastics, wood and metals are strong materials

  • strong materials are able to support heavy load without breaking



  • a flexible material can be easily bent without breaking

  • fabrics and rubber are flexible materials



  • ability of an object to float on water

  • Materials (e.g. styrofoam and wood) with a lower density than water will float on water

  • Materials (e.g. metals and ceramics) with a higher density than water will sink in water



  • absorbent materials absorb water well
  • a waterproof material does not allow water to pass through

  • waterproof objects (e.g. rubber boots and glass windows) are used to keep people and things dry



  • transparent materials allow most light to pass through them and

  • we are able to see through a transparent material

  • clear glass and clear plastics are transparent

  • materials do not allow light to pass through are opaque


Conductor of heat

  • good conductors of heat (e.g. metals) allow heat to pass through easily

  • other materials such as fabrics, wood and plastic are poor conductors of heat


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