Watch the video to learn more about Magnets.


Key concepts of Magnets : 

  • When unlike poles (N and S) of 2 magnets face each other, the magnets will attract each other.

  • When like poles (S and S or N and N) of 2 magnets face each other, the magnets will repel each other.

  • A magnet can also attract objects that are made up of magnetic materials. (These are called magnetic objects.)

  • Some examples of magnetic materials are steel, iron, nickel and cobalt.

  • Magnetic force is able to act at a distance. It can pass through non-magnetic materials but cannot to pass through magnetic materials.

  • Making magnets (stroking method): stroke a magnetic object with 1 pole of the magnet in one direction.

  • Making magnets (electrical method):  coil a wire with electric current flowing through around a magnetic object. This creates a temporary magnet. The electromagnet will lose its magnetism when the electric current is turned off. The electromagnet can be made stronger by increasing the number of coils or by adding more batteries.


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