Watch the video to learn more about animals with 3-stage or 4-stage life cycle.


Key concepts of Life Cycles :

  • All living things go through a life cycle. A cycle is a pattern that repeats itself.

  • Living things reproduce to ensure the continuity of their own kind.

3-stage life cycle

  • Chicken: Egg (hard shell) => Chick (have wings) => Adult Chicken (have wings)

  • Cockroach: Egg (eggs in egg case) => Nymph (moults, no wings) => Adult Cockroach (have wings)

  • Grasshopper: Egg => Nymph (moults, no wings) => Adult Grasshopper (have wings)

  • Dragonfly: Egg (in water) =>  Nymph (moults, breathes using gills to take in dissolved oxygen from the water) => Adult Dragonfly (no gills, breathes through holes in its body, have wings)

  • Frog: Egg (in water) => Tadpole (breathes using gills) => Adult Frog (lives on land, takes in atmospheric air (oxygen) using lungs and moist skin, also able to take in dissolved oxygen through their moist skin)

4-stage life cycle

  • Butterfly: Egg (under a leaf) => Larva (Caterpillar) => Pupa (does not eat or moult) =>  Adult Butterfly

  • Mosquito: Egg (in stagnant water) => Larva (Wriggler) (breathes using a breathing tube to take in atmospheric air (oxygen) above the water surface) => Pupa (breathes using breathing tubes) => Adult Mosquito (comes out of the water, with wings)

  • Beetle: Egg => Larva (e.g mealworm larva) => Pupa =>  Adult Beetle (have wings)


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