Watch the video to learn more about heat.


Key concepts of Heat : 

  • Temperature is a measurement of how hot or cold something is. 

  • Temperature increases when heat is gained and decreases when heat is lost.

  • Heat is not the same as temperature. Heat is a form of energy that makes things hot

  • Matter expands when gaining heat

  • Matter contracts when losing heat.

  • Heat travels (flows) from a hotter place to a colder place. Heat will continue to flow until both places reach the same temperature.

  • Good conductors of heat (e.g. metals) allow heat to flow through them easily.

  • Poor conductors of heat (e.g. wood, plastic, rubber, Styrofoam and air) do not allow heat to flow through them easily.


Change of states when matter gains heat:

  • Melting:  Solid >>> Liquid

  • Boiling:  Liquid >>> Gas

  • Evaporation: Liquid >>> Gas

When matter loses heat:

  • Freezing: Liquid >>> Solid

  • Condensation: Gas >>> Liquid

  • Water droplets will form either on the inner surface or outer surface of a cup depending on the temperature of the water.






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