Watch the video to learn about the different types of energy conversions.


Key concepts of Energy Conversion :

  • Energy is the ability to do work or cause a change. There are different forms of energy.

  • Energy can be converted from one form to another but it cannot be created nor destroyed.


Kinetic Energy

  • Kinetic energy is the energy that moving objects have.

  • The greater the mass or the speed of an object, the greater the kinetic energy it possesses.

  • Kinetic energy in a moving object will usually be converted to heat energy due to friction.

  • Some kinetic energy could also be converted into sound energy.


Gravitational Potential Energy

  • Any object that is above the ground possesses gravitational potential energy. 

  • The greater the height or mass of the object, the more gravitational potential energy it has.

  • The potential energy of an object can be converted into kinetic energy when it is dropped or allowed to move down a slope.


Elastic Potential Energy

  • Springs or rubber bands can be stretched, compressed or twisted to store elastic potential energy. 


Chemical Potential Energy

  • There is chemical potential energy stored in food

  • Plants are able to convert light energy into chemical potential energy through the process of photosynthesis

  • The chemical potential energy stored in food can be released through the process of respiration.

  • This energy is used to carry out life processes, such as movement, growth, digestion and breathing.


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